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About Me

I'm a movie prop collector, classic video gamer, and I live for Halloween. I also make websites and architect meaningful, intuitive user interfaces.

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What I Do

I'm a Front End Web Developer, and User Experience Designer. I've worked on huge corporate websites like, and even iOS apps, like reShoot.

When I develop websites, I try to use the newest standards, and most powerful tools and frameworks available. This website is a showcase of responsive html5 and css3, as well as jQuery and Velocity.js animation.

Things I Know

I design websites to be responsive in order to provide the best experience possible no matter what device or screen size they are viewed on. I am experienced with the HTML5 boilerplate, Twitter's Bootstrap framework, and a number of other css and javascript frameworks. I also have extensive experience with Wordpress ranging from creating themes, to altering the php code of plugins to behave the way required for any given project.

Some portfolio pieces (adding new pieces all the time)

reShoot for iOS

I crafted the user experience and designed all assets for this awesome iPhone app. I just proposed a major overhaul to the UI before we shut the company down. Unfortunately, we never got to implement my proposed changes. You can see more about the app, its design and my proposal here.

Various projects for

I spent 11 months at on a contract. During this time I got to work on several projects. Two of the larger projects I worked on were their careers and corporate info site at, and all of the front end html/css/jquery programming for their A-List collection with accompanying mobile site. In addition to these large projects, I also programmed a few dozen widgets/pagelets/sidebar items for the main site. And a few different subscription sign up pages for them to focus test in varying markets/regions. view details

reShoot Share for iOS

reShoot for iOS

This project never made it past the planning stages, unfortunately. It would have been private, secure sharing for any length video. I will add my logo and UI concepts soon.

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