I have been developing websites personally 1999, professionally since 2002. I started out very basic. Copying and pasting code, stealing images, everything I made had a very "Matrix" feel to it, with the black background and green text. I like to think I've learned a thing or two and evolved a bit.

This portfolio website is a showcase of HTML5, CSS3, and Jquery. I decided to do it this way because what my clients want me to do is usually pretty tame compared to what I'm capable of. Normally, my portfolio is a very clean, corporate, boring experience. I wanted to have a little fun this time around.

I used a lot of fun new techniques on this site, such as @font-face, and various jquery animations (logo and parallax background).

Update - 4/16/14: Added a section to my portfolio detailing my work at Wally World Media. This includes web design and programming, mobile app UI/UX, and video editing.
Just completed 10/20/11: Lowe Country - Official website of cartoon voice actor, George Lowe (Space Ghost)